Dressage Fun Day - Overview

The title says it all. This is a Dressage Fun day - yes, there's judging and yes there's prizes but no one is 'judging' you. It's a learning experience with fun and prizes.

Many of us are new at these events and that's the point. We want to do more than just the standard tests - get some experience at Freestyle, Prix Caprilli and give our horses a chance to experience something different too.


We are running a European-style show which means you get to warm up in the ring you will be riding in. Perfect if your horse spooks at the flower baskets on the way in (like at least one of ours...).

So each small group gets plenty of warm-up time in the ring before their class.

Class Prices:

Classes are $35 each with a $15 admin fee (payable once per entry - not per class).

The Pas De Deux is $50 (for both riders) and the Quadrille class is $75 (for all four entries). 

Freestyle Guidelines:

Training level- Allowed- any movement included in current E. C. or Usdf  tests at this level.

Additionally added – trot serpentine, loops or larger serpentine of loops no smaller than 15 m, trot stretch circle, trot-halt, trot-canter, canter-trot, canter-trot-canter-trot must cover 20 m minimum.

First level - Allowed – any movement included in current E. C. or Usdf tests at this level.

Additionally added – 8 m or larger circles, lengthen trot or canter on 20 m circles, 10 meter or larger circle in canter, turn on forehand, canter lengthen stride, counter canter, leg yield, any configuration, canter serpentine.

Second level - Allowed - any movement included in current E.C. or Usdf tests at this level.

Additionally added - 8 m or larger circles in trot, 10m circles or larger in canter, turn on forehand, renvers, medium canter, ½ turn on haunches, (no more than 180 degrees).

Quadrilles - 4 horse teams - COMPULSORY TESTS - The Four Competitive Levels

Introductory Level Objective:  To introduce the quadrille team to competition.  Test is to be performed at walk and trot only, in a calm, obedient manner.   

Training Level Objective:  To exhibit movements and transitions at walk, trot, and canter.  Horses should move energetically forward at an even tempo and accept the riders’ aids.   

First Level Objective:  To perform with increased quality of impulsion, submission, and performance as a team.   

Second Level Objective:  To exhibit Second Level movements and more complex quadrille formations at the walk, trot, and canter. Horses should be calm, obedient, moving freely and rhythmically forward, and be stretched into the bit. Team should maintain even spacing and perform movements in a uniform manner.

Forbidden: any movement not found in a E.C. or USDF test

Mystery Class :   Will be a Training level test. It will be read at the time of test for each rider. 


Ribbons awarded to 6th place

Solo Equine has donated a bridle for high point of the day.  (Pas de Deux and Quadrilles are not eligible)

A Unicorn Box will be donated by Jemma Elsdon.

Plus other surprise awards. 



Entry Form:




Musical Free Styles -

Walk/Trot  - http://www.cadora.ca/Tests/CADORA_TEST_WalkTrot_FS_2015.pdf

Training https://www.usdf.org/docs/ShowFlash/web/Tests/2015/freestyletraining.pdf

1st Levelhttps://www.usdf.org/docs/ShowFlash/web/Tests/2015/freestyle1.pdf

Quadrille tests

Introductory test (walk/trot)


Training: https://www.usdf.org/docs/ShowFlash/web/Tests/2015/quadrilletraining.pdf

1st Level: https://www.usdf.org/docs/ShowFlash/web/Tests/2015/quadrille1.pdf

Pas de Deux - (Training and 1st level only offered)


Prix Caprilli: